Larry Gaucher, BSA, CFP®, CFA

Investment Advisor

My Approach

I specialize in helping high net worth individuals manage the financial complexities that they face over their lifetime. That’s what makes me unique. My clients are some of the Province’s wealthiest individuals. I help them manage their finances to ensure long term prosperity.

These complex financial issues often require expertise in a variety of financial areas. I combine my personal experience working with high net worth individuals with the input from specialists available to me through Scotia Capital Inc. and associates in the professional community.

My approach is to act as your personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to help you make wise financial decisions . I have expertise in financial issues that face wealthy individuals. As your personal CFO, I am continually updating and implementing your financial plan.

Discovery Process

Our first meeting provides an opportunity to explore whether our approach is a good fit with your situation. I will ask questions about your financial goals and what is important in your life. Also, I’ll explain how I use the CFO process to help manage my clients entire financial situation.


Set Milestones

As with any plan, progress comes faster when you have a goal to work toward. I’ll help set financial goals that make sense given the personal and business information we revealed in the Discovery Process


Current Situation

I will document your business and personal financial situation, allowing us to create a benchmark for measuring our overall progress.


Comprehensive Assessment

Before we develop a strategy, I must have a thorough understanding of your situation. I will perform a comprehensive review of information relevant to your personal and business finances.


Build a Financial Roadmap

At this point, we have established your personal and business financial goals and have established a solid understanding of your financial situation. Next, we’ll develop a Financial Roadmap to guide how we will work toward meeting these goals.


The Personal CFO Master Plan

Based on my analysis, I’ll recommend strategies for tackling the complex issues you face. You’ll sleep better at night knowing that we’ve organized your financial affairs and taken care of important financial issues such as preparing for business succession and ensuring you are not overpaying taxes. Development of this plan is complex, and may require a few months to complete.


Implement the Master Plan

At this point, you will see a direct impact on your financial situation. Many of the recommendations in the Master Plan are interrelated, and I will ensure that they are implemented in a logical and practical order.


Communicate With Professionals

Complex financial issues often require expertise in areas such as tax planning, employee, employee benefits, and succession planning. We will work with professionals in the community as required , including your current accountant and lawyer.


Create The Wealth Book

To create peace of mind, I will compile a summary of your financial situation. The Wealth Book Contains the CFO Master Plan that we have developed, along with other practical reference information relevant to your personal and business finances.



Sound financial management is a continuous process. I will meet with you periodically to review and revise the CFO Master Plan, ensuring we are always on top of your financial situation.

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